Live Webcast for Financial Services Leaders
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Live webcast: Essential business model transformation in financial services

The Financial Services industry has entered a new era. While operational excellence and efficiency remain essential, it has become even more crucial for institutions to successfully compete and grow in a challenging and competitive landscape. The industry is already embracing modern processes, technology, and skilled personnel to enhance operational capabilities. What's lacking is the identification of the "magic sauce" that unlocks value and differentiation, and the secret ingredient lies at the heart of customer-centricity.

Forward-thinking executives recognize the need to reinvent their business models and redefine how they engage with customers. They understand the importance of transforming their traditional products and services into integrated solutions that seamlessly fit within the consumer experience.

Join our panel of industry experts who specialize in these areas. Gain valuable insights on how to better understand your customers, design innovative products, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Discover what success looks like and gain a competitive edge ahead of your rivals.

Join this webcast to learn how to:

  • Drive operational excellence
  • Identify, attract and retain top talent
  • Improve decision making in product, customer, and service with advanced analytics
  • Enhance innovation with ideation, modeling, and measurement
  • Deliver a superior customer experience
Featured speakers
Bill Greene
Director, Banking Lead
Huron Consulting Group

Speaker 2
Ares Miliotis
Senior Director, Insurance Lead
Huron Consulting Group

Speaker 1
Alasdair Trotter
Managing Director

Strategy and Innovation
Huron Consulting Group

Speaker 2
Thomas Donahue
Applications Sales Strategist

Thank you to our partners

We would like to thank Huron and Innosight for their help in creating this event.
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