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Adapting quickly and continuously is crucial to keep pace with rapid, systemic change. Oracle’s financial services SaaS applications use domain-driven design built on microservices architecture to facilitate progressive modernization. Our cloud-native payments, corporate treasury, and trade finance applications provide unparalleled performance, security, and economics.

Oracle’s API-first approach means you’ll be Open out-of-the-box and ready to integrate with everything from existing applications to large learning models. And, our award-winning UX delivers intuitive customer journeys to accelerate adoption. Oracle is the only financial services applications provider that runs on its own cloud. Oracle’s Banking Cloud Services are built and running on the high performance, scalability, security, and compliance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). So, whether you need to introduce real-time payments, embrace embedded finance, digitize trade, or modernize your core—we’ve got you covered.


What's Happening at Sibos?

Check out the complete schedule from Sibos TV interviews to panel discussions

What's Happening at Sibos?

Check out the complete schedule from Sibos TV interviews to panel discussions
Hear from our Experts

Hear from our Experts

Don't miss our AMA sessions on Banking Payments, Generative AI, and so much more

Hear from our Experts

Don't miss our AMA sessions on Banking Payments, Generative AI, and so much more
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Meet the Expert

Meet the Expert

Take this opportunity to schedule a time with our executives on-site for a one-on-one conversation

Meet the Expert

Take this opportunity to schedule a time with our executives on-site for a one-on-one conversation

Featured Solutions



Banking Payments

Oracle Banking Payments is a unified payments hub designed to help banks transform their payments infrastructure. Built on ISO 20022 standards, it features real payment processing and settlement capabilities on a single platform. It supports multiple payment types and leading global payment schemes with continuous investments to adapt to evolving payment rulebooks and schemes. Oracle Banking Payments uses a built-in rules engine to automate complex payment processing and choose the optimal route for domestic and cross-border transactions, thereby significantly lowering transaction processing times and costs.

Trade and supply chain finance

Banking Trade Finance

Oracle’s digital, real-time trade finance solution enables multi-entity, multi-currency, multi-lingual operations. It provides end-to-end capabilities for a diverse range of trade finance instruments and documentary credits, guarantees, and collection products. Oracle Banking Trade Finance offers banks the flexibility to adapt to changing regulatory reforms in the trade finance markets and improve operational efficiency.

Banking Trade Finance Process Management

Oracle’s solution enables a “system of engagement” with intelligent, automated assisted operations for greater digital collaboration and engagement between parties throughout the trade finance lifecycle. The solution helps banks reduce the flow of physical paper documents by digitizing the trade finance processes, thus lowering transaction costs and accelerating turnaround.

Banking Supply Chain Finance

Oracle delivers a comprehensive supply chain finance solution across receivables and payables. It enables supplier-centric financing and buyer-centric financing that drives high operational efficiency through digitization and accelerates the creation of innovative products to help organizations adapt to a dynamic business and regulatory environment.

Treasury services

Banking Cash Management

Oracle’s comprehensive front-to-back, self-service solution for global corporate treasury and transaction banking enables real-time cash visibility, forecasting, and reconciliation. The solution supports innovative cash structures for sweeping, notional pooling, and virtual account use cases while helping adhere to regulatory requirements.

Banking Corporate Accounts

Oracle delivers the world’s first hyper-scale, cloud-native solution to address Direct Deposit Accounts (DDA) and Current Accounts Savings Accounts (CASA) on a microservices architecture. It is extremely scalable and designed for performance with high concurrency on a single account for banks’ transaction-heavy customers. As a persona-centric extensible solution, it provides value-add for all stakeholders.

Banking Liquidity Management

Oracle enables banks to run a single, centralized solution to support comprehensive liquidity management techniques with a focus on visibility and control. The solution supports techniques such as pooling, sweeping, intercompany loans, interest optimization, and higher yield investments like money markets and term deposits, with the flexibility to accommodate country localization and regulatory requirements.

Banking Virtual Account Management

Oracle’s solution enables banks to support corporate customers’ goals of driving profitability, empowering them to manage complex global account structures and control working capital effectively. The solution provides real-time consolidated visibility into account structures and offers intuitive dashboards for better and faster decision-making.


Artificial intelligence (AI)

Oracle’s AI portfolio spans the entire technology stack, with three main categories: AI services, machine learning (ML), and AI infrastructure. AI services are designed to help developers quickly and easily add AI capabilities, including generative AI, to applications. OCI’s ML services are geared toward customers who build their own custom AI models. These services provide data science teams with tools to help build, train, and manage their models. Finally, OCI AI infrastructure powers many of Oracle’s AI services and provides customers direct access to the GPUs and high-speed networking their AI workloads require.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the first public cloud built from the ground up to be a better cloud for every application. By coupling a rethinking of core engineering and systems design for the cloud with our modern financial services applications, Oracle Cloud drives innovation by providing deep insights into customer behavior, improving the ability to prevent financial crimes and enable faster detection, accelerating financial close, and improving risk management.

Oracle is the only financial services applications provider that runs on its own Cloud. Oracles Banking Cloud Services are built and run on the high performance, scalability, security, and compliance of OCI, including OCI’s Oracle Kubernetes Engine. With most cloud regions available globally and the most extensive set of distributed options, Oracle Banking Cloud Services can be deployed to meet sovereignty and data residency requirements.


Oracle’s data management solutions integrate cloud database technologies, analytics, and data integration services that enable financial services institutions to develop deeper business insights and operate more efficiently. Oracle solutions allow customers to rapidly create financial applications, manage high-volume transactions, and analyze data in real-time for personalized banking, fraud detection, and process optimization. Built-in security and the ability to deploy cloud solutions in customer data centers accelerate the movement of financial services workloads to the cloud, while meeting regulatory requirements for data sovereignty, locality, and protection of personal information.


OCI Security helps organizations reduce the risk of security threats for cloud workloads. With simple, prescriptive, and integrated security capabilities built into the OCI platform, Oracle helps customers readily adopt and secure their cloud infrastructure, data, and applications. OCI is designed to provide banks with security (FIPS 140-2 Security Level 3), reliability (disaster recovery and high availability), and powerful capabilities for large and complex deployments.


Core banking

Banking SaaS

Banks are accelerating their digitization with Oracle Banking Cloud Services, a new and extensive suite of componentized, composable business services built on a cloud-based microservices architecture. The services can run standalone, work seamlessly together, and coexist with legacy applications, allowing banks to rapidly modernize business capabilities with less risk. Faster provisioning, easy configurability, high availability, and hyper scalability of the services help financial services institution to accelerate the shift to cloud and enhance efficiency.


Oracle’s leading-edge core banking suite offers an extensive menu of domain-driven and highly composable solutions that power tailored transformation. The suite offers business-ready innovation, comprehensive functionality, and an agile and open architecture anchored on cloud-native microservices and API-first principles. It delivers intuitive user experiences, business agility, optimized operations, and high performance at scale. Customers can rapidly launch tailored offerings, set up new business models, turn data into intelligence, and capitalize on digital core banking in the cloud or on-premise.

Digital banking platform

Oracle’s digital banking platform delivers an immersive digital lifestyle banking experience where banking clients can intuitively execute banking transactions in their daily routine without realizing the presence of underlying banking services. The platform supports ready-for-business retail, small business, corporate, and Islamic digital banking experiences throughout the banking lifecycle with digital self-service origination, tracking, onboarding, servicing, and aggregation. The platform leverages AI, natural language processing, AR, and biometrics to enhance the client experience. It is no code-low code configurable, core agnostic, cloud SaaS first, mobile, and API first with active embedded finance and open banking components.

Embedded finance

Oracle's embedded finance capabilities seamlessly integrate transaction banking services into Oracle ERP and Oracle NetSuite platforms, delivering real-time, personalized banking experiences to corporates as well as small-and-medium-sized businesses. It enhances risk management, improves account reconciliation, delivers real-time payments, and bolsters capital and liquidity management. The solution also delivers actionable insights to corporates by integrating data from a corporate’s transactional ERP platform and intelligence from bank systems. By aligning with Oracle’s embedded finance partnership, transaction banks can reimagine their value proposition, fostering profitable relationships that transform business operations and stimulate growth.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)

Climate Change Analytics

Make a positive impact on climate change, support the transition to a low-carbon economy, and achieve sustainability goals with Oracle Financial Services Climate Change Analytics. Gain a reporting and analytics solution to source, store, and analyze climate change data to meet internal, statutory, and management reporting requirements.

Finance and accounting

Accounting Foundation

Oracle’s accounting foundation enables financial services institutions to simplify data across the accounting record-to-report process and streamline current accounting processes and reconcile the general ledger (GL) with instrument or policy ledgers. The solution enables this by providing the accounting platform with detailed event-, transaction-, and instrument-level data from core banking and insurance systems.

Asset Liability Management

Financial services institutions gain an accurate view of profitability, earnings stability, and overall balance sheet risk exposure with Oracle’s asset liability management solution. It delivers an integrated framework for high-end analytics, dynamic interactive dashboards, intuitive reporting, alerts, scenario-based what-if analysis, and waterfall list creation.

Balance Sheet Planning

Oracle Financial Services Balance Sheet planning gives financial institutions the power to more accurately forecast future performance—incorporating economic conditions and forward-looking risks. They can eliminate multiple disparate systems to produce a complete, reconciled plan that delivers better value and actionable insights.

Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP)

As the industry’s first matched maturity FTP application, Oracle Financial Services Funds Transfer Pricing helps organizations to determine the spread earned on assets and liabilities and interest rate exposure for every customer account. With this insight, financial services institutions can achieve an accurate assessment of net interest margin and profitability across various dimensions.

Liquidity Risk

Oracle Financial Services Liquidity Risk helps financial services institutions to ensure multi-jurisdictional compliance and address continuously evolving regulatory guidelines and requirements. Banks can facilitate the most optimal usage of their reserves with Oracle’s flexible stress testing framework that includes built-in counterbalancing capabilities.

Profitability Management

Financial services institutions can quickly assess the profitability of new products and make necessary risk adjustments with Oracle Financial Services Profitability Management. The solution enables a daily view of the costs of managing customer portfolios and gives insitutions the ability to immediately respond to changing rates and other market realities.

Financial crime

With a commitment to creating a safer world, Oracle Financial Crime and Compliance Management has been helping global organizations to fight financial crime for over 25 years. Powered with latest innovations in AI and ML, graph, and advanced analytics, our solution suite helps financial institutions to modernize and augment their anti-money laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), and sanctions compliance programs. It delivers the agility and proactive anti-crime capabilities that organizations need to adapt to increasingly sophisticated threats and dynamic regulatory requirements.

Pricing and billing

Revenue Management and Billing

Oracle Revenue Management and Billing (ORMB) is a powerful SaaS solution that empowers financial organizations to drive incremental revenue and profitability. The solution enables financial institutions to make progress on key business objectives, such as achieving real-time dynamic pricing, driving more flexible and innovative billing options for customers, and realizing revenue uplift.

The versatile solution supports many use cases, including:

• Revenue management for transaction banking—ORMB’s unique integrated deal management capability provides simulation, onboarding, and commitment tracking, giving corporate banks better control over pricing. ORMB can support complex client hierarchies for pricing, invoicing, and settlement arrangements at any level. It bridges the gap between revenue estimation and realization, while providing transparency into pricing and billing data.

• Revenue management for payments—ORMB is well-suited for various participants in the payments ecosystem and is the market’s most comprehensive fee calculation and billing platform. It empowers institutions to facilitate flexible and dynamic pricing based on any parameter, and supports multi-party revenue sharing agreements and recurring billing.