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Watch the webinar: How to Fix the Broken ALM Process

How to Fix the Broken ALM Process

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has rocketed and revolutionized how the banking industry assesses and manages its financial and risk management processes. Banks must understand how market movements impact their profitability and risk profile in a rapidly changing world. Traditional stress testing, pre-defined scenarios, or even Monte Carlo simulations have proven to not meet expectations. Recent bank failures have shown the importance of identifying vulnerabilities and improving management actions.

Hear from industry leaders to learn about the importance of discovering customer-specific scenarios that can address new challenges organizations face in Asset Liability Management (ALM).

Key takeaways:
• The role of technology in stress-testing
• Understanding the major challenges faced by all banks in today’s fluctuating market
• The necessity of automatic adaptation of asset and liability levels and cash flows to macroeconomic and market scenarios
• Comparing the current and evolving approaches to ALM




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Download the ebook

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