Oracle Textura Payment Management

Boost efficiency with a construction payment management application that helps general contractors, owners, and subcontractors simplify and automate the draw process.

Oracle Textura Payment Management - Construction Project and Task Management Solution

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Simplify Construction Payment Management

Increase productivity and mitigate risk with streamlined and accurate billing, timely payments, and effective compliance controls. Prevent errors with process automation and gain visibility into downstream payments.

Effectively Manage a Global Workforce

Improve efficiency to boost productivity

Improve efficiency through standardization of the invoicing and payment process for the supply chain that can be rolled into the owner’s billing.

Streamlined workflows and automation

Streamlined workflows and automation

Improve payment accuracy and reduce the risk of late payments by eliminating the inefficiencies and potential human errors from manual invoice calculations and related processes.

Compliance, lien waiver management

Compliance, lien waiver management

Reduce risk with automated compliance workflows, secure document and lien waiver collection, and strong governance and controls around one of your core financial functions.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics

Augment your enterprise analytics by adding payment data from Oracle Textura Payment Management to your data warehouse.

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