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Live Cloud Coaching Webinar

Live Webinar
February 14, 2024
9 AM PT | 12 PM ET

Learn How to Connect Your Data & Applications the Easy Way With REST APIs

Join the live cloud coaching webinar

APIs are at the center of everything these days. Comprising 83% of all Internet traffic, they are what allows applications and data to be connected together in daily activities ranging from browsing and ordering from your favorite restaurants on food delivery apps to checking your finances on your bank's website.

In this webinar you will learn what APIs are, the different types, and how you can easily build REST APIs, the leading format used in 93% of API development, seamlessly using Oracle REST Data Services and the Oracle Database.

As an added bonus, resources will be provided to help you get jump started on your own after the session, including how you can get access to a free Oracle Database to build REST APIs with.
Duration: 1 hour

Featured Speaker

Zachary Talke

Zachary Talke

Senior Product Manager