Eloqua Engage

You are about to be redirected to Eloqua Engage. An Oracle sales enablement tool for managing communication with contacts
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For Contacts in Opt-In Countries

Such as EU, Russia, Canada, China, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Colombia

Only send email to contacts for whom there is an explicit opt-in permission or with whom I have a direct business relationship.*

For Contacts in Opt-out Countries

Such as United States

You may send individual marketing communications with appropriate and relevant content to your contacts who have not opted-out.

For complete list of Opt-In / Opt-out countries refer to the Electronic Marketing and Customer Communications Policy

For All Countries

  • DO NOT contact anyone who has previously indicated they do not want to receive Oracle marketing communications
    • NOTE: The system will automatically suppress any contacts who have opted-out of Oracle marketing communications.
  • You may send an Engage email up to 10 recipients.
    • Do NOT send the same content directly to more than 10 people by splitting large lists into groups of 10.
    • Do NOT combine contacts from different Oracle employees into a group and send through one Oracle employee.
  • DO NOT use Engage for mass marketing communications. Contact your local Field Marketing representative.

I will use Engage responsibly and abide by the Electronic Marketing and Customer Communications Policy

* Direct business relationship Definition

  • You have ongoing, direct relationship with the person:
    • The Contact has engaged with you in the past by or in a personal meeting.
  • You are working on an open Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) or Opportunity listing that person as the designated contact. All communications with this contact must relate to the MQL/Opportunity topic.

Note:The fact that a contact works for a company that is an Oracle Customer or that you took over this account does NOT constitute an existing business relationship.