Briefing Paper
The Power of Cloud For Food & Beverage Operators
How can cloud technology help you to compete in the food & beverage industry?
In our new briefing paper, ‘The Power of Cloud’, we provide a summary of everything a food and beverage executive needs to know about cloud technology and how it can help your business:

  • Cut IT costs and complexity, allowing you to open new locations faster with less investment
  • Increase data security to protect your brand reputation
  • Deliver consistency across locations and regions through centralized management of menus, pricing, and promotions, while retaining local flexibility
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Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud Service is the hospitality management platform that is used by leading food and beverage operations around the world.

Why choose Simphony for your business:
  • Choose a system that is built for cloud, giving you 'always-on' technology for the best possible guest experience while reducing IT cost and complexity
  • Centralize your enterprise, making it easy to update menus, prices and promotions across locations and regions, while retaining the ability to react to local needs