MySQL 5.7 is 3x faster than MySQL 5.6
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MySQL 5.7 is 3x faster than MySQL 5.6, delivering 1.6 Million SQL Queries Per Second.
Access our Resource Kit to discover the wide range of new features and enhancements available in the new release, including:
  • New Native JSON Support, allowing for efficient and flexible storage, search & manipulation of schema-less data.
  • Optimized InnoDB: with increased performance & concurrency, enhanced on-line operations, spatial indexes, native partitioning and more.
  • More Robust Replication: including multi-source replication and improved multi-threaded slaves for better scalability and availability.
And a lot more new features and enhancements…
You will also learn about the new MySQL Router, which simplifies application development by intelligently routing queries to MySQL databases for increased performance and uptime.
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