Building a Profitable Engineer-To-Order Business
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Building a Profitable
Engineer-To-Order Business
Learn about the critical steps in the project management lifecycle of ETO and:
  • Current trends in ETO
  • The factors that help create competitive advantage (and competitive killers!)
  • The consequences of failed ETO projects
  • How to improve project delivery capabilities with an enterprise ETO solution
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Manufacturers are under pressure to turnaround products and installation services in a shorter amount time, margins are eroding and the current global economic environment leaves plenty of room for market uncertainty. Even a small delay in delivery could cost manufacturers thousands – or even millions of dollars. These late penalties impact the bottom line directly.

Read this white paper and find out how manufacturer can gain visibility across their entire project portfolio so they can make changes quickly, collaborate with stakeholders easily, understand where they are in the process, manage resources so they’re ready when needed, and ultimately deliver the product on time and on budget.