The Cloud PaaS and IaaS Playbook
Cloud Paas and Iaas
Oracle customers and partners are seeing tremendous benefits by moving to the Oracle Cloud. The Oracle Cloud provides Partners expanded business opportunities, an enterprise class cloud deployment environment with the ability to manage resources with best of breed technology.

With more than 90% of companies looking at transitioning to the cloud, it is business critical that they have the right technology that will support their business in the transistion to the cloud and growing their cloud business. With Oracle Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service, partners and customers can ensure that their cloud business is secure and reliable at every level of the cloud service.

In order to help you in your journey to the cloud, we have produced this new edition of the Oracle Cloud IaaS & PaaS Playbook – our essential guide that showcases everything you need to know about Oracle Infrastructure and Platform as a Service.

Within this new edition you will find information on the latest Oracle Infrastructure as a Service offerings, key sales plays and how to take these offerings to market and updates on current market trends.

The Cloud IaaS & PaaS Playbook also includes the following content:

  • The IaaS & PaaS Opportunity for Partners
  • Why Oracle? Accelerate your Business
  • Access to useful industry reports
  • How to learn more and where to find it!
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