Become a “Master of Data Visualisation"
The winners of this exciting contest will receive recognition as a “Master of Data Visualisation”.

This Data Visualisation Contest is a great way for you as an Oracle Partners to showcase your power to create Exciting and Compelling stories using our innovative Oracle Data Visualisation (DV) tool.  

You can also join us for alive web-conference and Q&A to hear more about this contest, and answer any questions you may have.
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What’s in there for me and my customers ?
  • Become a “Master of Data Visualisation”
  • Winners will receive a logo from Oracle declaring your proficiency and win: You may show this on your web-site to endorse your ability to deliver quality value to your clients.
  • Winners will be announced at the EMEA Partners Forum in October 2016: your name will be “in lights”.
  • A blog post will be published on the BI & Analytics Pulse Blog announcing Winners of this contest, and will also be promoted through social media channels: You may re-use this PR and link to it from your website.
  • Have some fun and really learn to use the full capabilities of Oracle Data Visualisation: and then have a fantastic demonstration solution to show to your clients.
  • 30 day DV Cloud Trials for Partners & Customers: click “Try it” and go
  • Laptop DV download Trials for Partners & Customers: click “Get it” and go
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