How to Build a Business that Lasts: Foundations for Growth & Success

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Duration: 30 minutes

There is a fundamental truth in building: any structure has a better chance at lasting on bedrock than on sand - guaranteed! The same can be said of any business. How can you make sure that yours will stand the test of time?

Join Reggie Bradford, three-time entrepreneur and Oracle SVP, and Gareth Williams, Founder & Managing Director at YellowDog, to learn what you should focus on to ensure your SMB has the foundation it needs to pivot towards new market opportunities, new distribution methods, and new ways of doing business.

Join the Webinar to Learn About:

  • Operations - What processes do you have in place to save time, money, and energy? What will you need?
  • Technology - Do you have reliable, agile, and flexible systems? Do you know how to leverage them to meet customer expectations and move quicker than your competition?
  • Human Resources - Have you built a cohesive executive team, and do you understand when certain roles need to be defined and brought on? Do you know what to look for when the time comes?
  • Finances - Are you making good use of the money you have, AND can you create or gain access to the financial resources you need?
  • Customer Experience - Have you developed strong relationships with partners, distributors, and customers?


Reggie Bradford

Reggie Bradford
3x Entreprenuer and Senior Vice President,
Startup Ecosystem & Accelerator

Reggie was formerly the founder and CEO of Vitrue and senior executive at TANDBERG Television, N2 Broadband, and WebMD. He boasts over 20 years of technology leadership experience and has been recognized as an industry thought leader earning multiple accolades including: Business Insider’s 2014 Most Influential People in Cloud Computing award, Ernst & Young’s 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and MIT’s 2013 Distinguished Entrepreneur Award.

Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams
Founder & Managing Director
Yellow Dog

Following an MEng in Information Systems Engineering from the University of Durham, Gareth cut his canines working in software and telecoms at companies including Orange, Experian QAS, FREEDOM4 and Arieso, where he was part of the Management Team that completed the successful sale of the company to JDSU in March 2013 for $85m.

One day he had a brilliant idea for using spare mobile capacity which, following a chat with someone in the animation department at the University of the West of England, gave birth to what is now YellowDog. When not coming up with brilliant ideas, he is a dad, a keen cyclist, an ardent reader, a trustee of charity Get Connected, and a Samaritans Listening Volunteer. He also likes ale.

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