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February 2017

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Dear Partner,

BICS and DVCS are now more competitive with new lower pricing so, DVCS now starts at $4,500 list price for 5 users, one year.

There is also a great set of plugins and projects in the Oracle BI Public Store: and check out the new cool mobile BI app Synopsis.

Meanwhile the big shift we foresee in 2017 to affect partners and customers is the The Digital Finance Revolution, the Convergence of ERP and EPM.

Mike Hallett Yours sincerely,
Mike Hallett
Director Big Data and Analytics
Alliances & Channels EMEA

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New Lower Pricing for BICS and DVCS

BICS and DVCS are now even more competitive with new lower pricing for these cloud subscriptions just announced and available. BICS now costs US $150 per user per month and DVCS costs US $75 per user per month.

Minimums (BICS: 10 NUPs, 1 year – DVCS: 5 NUPs, 1 year) and pre-requisites (BICS requires the 50GB DB cloud service BIS50 priced at 1000$/month) are unchanged.

So, DVCS now starts at $4,500 list price for 5 users, one year.

And, BICS starts at $30,000 list price for 10 users, one year (including BIS50 DB cloud service).

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The New Digital Finance Revolution - Convergence of ERP and EPM

Convergence of ERP and EPM is rapidly accelerating towards us, our partners and your clients in the New Digital Finance Revolution.

Customers need a “Finance-360” view of their business, and so your partner skills in implementing Oracle EPM and ERP need also to converge. Catch up on this powerful trend so you can ride this opportunity into 2017.

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Get Oracle Synopsis now for Smarter Mobile analytics

Get Oracle Synopsis now, available in the Google Play Store (and coming soon to the Apple Store). Mobile analytics has never been so fun. Or so cool to use… and to demo. Try it out today so you can wow your customers tomorrow.

Synopsis will scan your spreadsheets and business data (for example off your Google DRIVE) and automatically figure how to summarize the information and present it in the most visual, intuitive, and meaningful way possible.

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Oracle BI Public Store of Examples

Explore the Business Intelligence and Data Visualization examples in the Business Analytics Public Store. In this store you will find downloadable examples showcasing smart analysis and stunning visualizations performed with Oracle’s suite of BI products.

Go to the Downloads section, download the examples and deploy in your local Oracle BI deployment, play around with projects; learning to understand the potential of what you can achieve.

Also get the Laptop version of DV which you can download free for trials: click “Get it” and go: or get a free 30-day DVCS Cloud trial: click “Try it”: or download the comprehensive VM OBI SampleApp v607 from OTN

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BI, EPM & Big Data in Focus February 2017


Enterprise Performance Management

Big Data and Business Intelligence

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