Analytics and Machine Learning in Retail: Demand Forecasting and Price Optimization 
Date: Wed. Sept. 27, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM EDT /
8:00 AM PDT
Use machine learning techniques to estimate historical lost sales and predict future demand of new items
Join Professor David Simchi-Levi from MIT and the Oracle Retail Science Team on September 27th for:
  • An introduction to the partnerships between Oracle Retail and highly regarded and prestigious universities such as MIT
  • A deep dive on a novel multi-product pricing scheme, including a case study featuring an online fashion retailer, demonstrating how you can leverage data and retail science to optimize pricing decisions on a daily basis 
  • A review of results from live tests and historical analysis that have shown increases in revenue by 11-13%
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David Simchi-Levi is a Professor of Engineering Systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is an expert in developing and implementing new business analytics solutions for pricing and procurement strategies, and supply chain management. He has authored several books and published widely in professional journals, and has consulted and collaborated extensively with private and public organizations. 
David Simchi-Levi 
Professor of Engineering Systems
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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