The Benefits and Challenges of Moving Critical Applications to the Cloud

Moving Critical Applications to the Cloud

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Moving Critical Applications to the Cloud

Shed Datacenter Dependence

What are Mission Critical Applications?

If the application fails, some parts of the business stop functioning and revenue will be lost. Yet the public cloud benefits are compelling, and the migration is happening. Read why.

Why Migrate?

Whether reducing dependence on the corporate datacenter, or taking advantage of the inherent benefits of IaaS, many organizations are now trusting the public cloud to run mission-critical apps. This report shows a vast difference in the percentage of ERP apps moving to the public cloud.

Companies are migrating. Is yours?

This 451Pathfinder report shows the span of workloads enterprises are utilizing when adopting cloud computing models. Read the report to see how many have either an initial or broad implementation of production applications in the cloud.
Migrate to Oracle Cloud

Migrate to Oracle Cloud

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