A Technical Primer
Securing the Oracle Database
Securing the Oracle Database
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Databases contain most of the sensitive data assets and many security and database leaders now realize that securing databases should be one of their most important goals. This book, authored by the Database Security Product Management team at Oracle, explains in simple terms:
  • The adversaries of today, how they exploit weaknesses, and how they get access to your sensitive data
  • Multiple assessment, preventive, and detective security controls you need to secure your databases on-prem or in the cloud
  • Ensure compliance to data privacy regulations such as the EU GDPR
This book is not meant to be a prescriptive cook book, or a manual, but rather a quick study into what every Database or Security Director/VP should know about the security of Oracle Databases.

Breaches are coming faster than what we can possibly imagine, and it is crucial that you are prepared! Your data is your asset, but unless you protect it well, it could fall in wrong hands, and become a liability. Let’s start by securing the source!