Live Webcast
First Look at Oracle Student Financial Planning – Learn About the Vocado Acquisition
Date: June 19, 2018
Time: 11am PDT / 2pm EDT
Join Oracle’s Student Cloud team to learn more about our recent acquisition of Vocado. In recent years, the Vocado cloud-based student financial planning solution has made a strong impact on the management of higher education financial aid. Named one of the top financial aid solutions in a recent Eduventures report, Vocado is now part of the Oracle Student Cloud solution portfolio. Branded Oracle Student Financial Planning, the solution is a real-time student financial data platform that improves higher education funding, enrollment and performance.

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  • Deliver student success, at the core of the Oracle Student Cloud solution
  • Manage each student’s financial plan individually
  • Provide real-time visibility into a student’s entire program across any device
  • Student Financial Planning integrates its financial aid solution with both cloud and on-premise Student Information Systems (SIS)
Featured Speakers
Nicole Engelbert
Nicole Engelbert
VP of Development
Oracle Higher Education
Nicole works with higher education institutions globally to identify how current and future industry trends will shape technology requirements and to disseminate best practice from both an institutional and Oracle solution perspective. Prior to Oracle,Nicole was the Director of Research & Analysis at Ovum, a global market research and advisory firm.
Daniel Driscoll
Daniel Driscoll
VP of Product Strategy
Oracle Higher Education
Prior to the acquisition of Vocado, Dan served as Vocado’s President & CEO and was responsible for the company’s strategic direction, operational excellence and client satisfaction. He joined the Vocado management team in 2012 and focused its direction on optimizing the Higher Education Financial Aid Value chain.
John refila
John Refila
VP of Product Management
Oracle Higher Education
John’s extensive experience implementing large enterprise systems in highly complex regulatory environments is foundational to the design of Oracle’s Student Financial Planning Cloud Service. Previous to Oracle, John served as VP Product Management for Vocado.