Get Started with Oracle Public Cloud
In these Oracle self-paced hands-on labs (HOL) you'll follow step-by-step instructions that will walk you through a persona-based business challenge.
Containerized Development with Docker
Learn how to leverage Docker, Microservices and Oracle inside containers for rapid application development.
Self-Paced HOL: Containerized Development with Docker
Container Native Application Development
Learn Infrastructure as Code leveraging Terraform, Kubernetes, Wercker, HELM, Docker, Github and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Self-Paced HOL: Container Native Application Development
DevOps Cloud Native Microservices
Create a Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for a Cloud Native project that will create and use several Microservices.
Self-Paced HOL: DevOps Cloud Native Microservices
Visual Builder Cloud Service
Learn how to create and manipulate applications and data using Visual Builder Cloud Service.
Visual Builder Cloud Service
Database Cloud Service on OCI
Learn how to leverage quickly create, manage and migrate data into the Database Cloud Service.
Self-Paced HOL: Database Cloud Service on OCI
Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Service
Build Machine Learning Models, and Autonomous Analytics data visualizations.
Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Service