Deploy a Data Warehouse in 3 Easy Steps

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No Manual Tuning or Administration Needed

Simply create your database, connect to the database instance, load your data, and go.



  • Easy: Deploy your data warehouse in just minutes.
  • Fast: Adaptive machine-learning algorithms drive automatic caching, adaptive indexing, advanced compression, and optimized cloud data loading—with no effort from you.
  • Instant Elasticity: Expand and shrink compute and storage independently without downtime. Save money by paying only for resources consumed.
  • With $300 in free credits you get up to 3300 hours of usage and 2TB of Exadata storage.

Create Your Autonomous Data Warehouse in a Few Steps:

  1. Provision an Autonomous Data Warehouse instance.
  2. Connect SQL Developer to the new database instance.
  3. Load your data and run SQL.
Getting Started Step-by-Step Tutorial
Experience a New Kind of Database
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