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Perry Ellis Guidebook

Perry Ellis International

Drives Brand Loyalty:

Why a Retail-Specific CRM is Critical for Modern Retail Success

Gain a Holistic View of Customer Shopping Behavior

Global fashion powerhouse Perry Ellis International upgraded from a six-year-old CRM system to Oracle Retail Customer Engagement Cloud Services in its drive to create meaningful connections with its customers and deliver immediate gratification.

In this guidebook, Perry Ellis International, shares their journey to gaining a comprehensive view of consumer shopping behavior in an accelerated seven-week, implementation-to-launch period.

Better Segmentation of Customer Data

Better Segmentation of Customer Data

Learn why a CRM built for retail makes all the difference.

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Personalized Global Customer Experiences

Personalized Global Customer Experiences

Perry Ellis International gains 360-degree view of over 1 million loyalty members in less than 7 weeks.

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