Live Webcast
February 6, 2019
9am PT/12 pm ET

Experience the Future Now with Oracle Autonomous Database

Organizations are under tremendous pressure to lower cost, reduce risk, and accelerate innovation. Join us to learn how Oracle Autonomous Database is helping customers to achieve these business objectives by leveraging the most valuable currency of the company—data.

This webcast will address:

  • How to gain instant insights for smarter business decisions.
  • How IT can deploy applications in minutes for faster innovation.
  • Unique services—Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing—that support all types of workloads, from data warehousing to transaction processing, reporting, and IoT. 
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Video: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Overview
Two demos running identical retail analysis workloads publicly at Open World 2017. Oracle using 16 OCPU |AWS using Oracle i3.16xlarge.
[2] Oracle Guarantee: Oracle will cut your Amazon bill in half when you run the same (i) data warehouse workload on Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud; or (ii) transaction processing workload on Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud, as compared to running on Amazon AWS. Pricing is based on Oracle’s standard published pricing for bring your own license and Amazon’s standard published pricing as of March 1, 2018. Each workload compared shall be evaluated based on the actual required number of OCPU/VCPUs, the amount of storage, and the time required to complete the workload. The minimum workload is one hour for this offer. If Oracle determines that you are due a credit, we will apply this credit to your Universal Credit cloud account.Please contact your sales team to exercise this offer. Offer valid through May 31, 2019.