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Big Data Startup Molecula Goes Cloud Native

April 23, 2019
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. PT

Molecula’s Matt Jaffee will share his experience getting their environment set up in Oracle’s Terraform and deploying it to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. In addition, the Oracle Cloud product team will provide details around four recently announced Cloud Native Services: Resource Manager for Terraform-based automation, Streaming, Monitoring and Notifications. Learn why you should use these services and how you can get started.

Featured Speakers

Matt Jaffee

Matt Jaffee
Lead Engineer at Molecula

Biography: Matt is a Lead Engineer/Developer Evangelist/Sales Engineer/DevOps Engineer and Chief Devourer of Breakfast Tacos (a highly contested title) at Molecula. He came to software development by way of an undergraduate degree in Astrophysics and a Master's in Computer Science. He's worked on networking, desktop apps, GPUs, data pipelines, and web apps, but feels most at home optimizing Pilosa – the open source indexing powerhouse at the heart of Molecula.

Akashai Parthasarathy

Akshai Parthasarathy
Product Marketing at Oracle Cloud

Biography: Akshai is originally from India and spent his teenage years in Trinidad and Tobago before coming to study in the US. He worked at large and small companies prior to his current role as a Product Marketer at Oracle Cloud. He likes being at the intersection of technology and marketing. He obtained two engineering degrees and is pursuing an MBA at UC Berkeley.

Mark De Visser

Mark De Visser
Product Management at Oracle Cloud

Biography: Mark de Visser moved from The Netherlands to the Bay Area in the nineties and has worked in technical, product management and marketing roles since then. One of the early enthusiasts for open source, he played a key role introducing Enterprise Linux at Red Hat, and has been involved with developer and data center technologies ever since. He is now a product manager at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, focused on the portfolio of cloud native technologies.