Find out how much money you can save with a flexible SD-WAN solution over traditional WANs reliant on MPLS.

Enterprises are demanding flexible WAN solutions that can support their growth and shifting business requirements. Opening new offices, changing service providers, turning up services in the cloud, and adding new applications are examples of the rapid pace of change.That’s why many companies are considering SD-WAN for its price/performance advantages, starting with an evaluation of ROI.

In this White Paper, we look at an example of a company with 10 remote offices that connect to their corporate data center and cloud providers with 10 existing T1 MPLS links. Taking into account all of the current network expenses and the company’s bandwidth needs for the next year, we are able to able to estimate 3 different solutions for the company and additional costs vs. savings for each one. Switching to SD-WAN as part of a hybrid WAN solution or internet only solution both offer significant savings and increased bandwidth over traditional WAN solutions.