Discover how your utility can provide exceptional customer service, while decreasing costs

Bill inquiries represent nearly half of all call volume to utility call centers. For too many of your customer service reps, fielding billing calls is like trying to solve a mystery. Answering a simple question can mean searching for clues scattered across more than a half dozen different screens, then synthesizing it into information the customer can actually act on. These lengthy conversations can leave customers feeling unsatisfied and also make a big impact on your bottom line.

In a recent Navigant survey, 71% of utility leaders said advanced CSR tools are critically important, but just 17% said they're very confident in their advanced CSR capabilities.

In this webinar, you will learn how PSE is:
- Keeping pace with other companies in its service territory, like Amazon and Nordstrom, that are providing exceptional customer service
- Using advanced CSR tools to improve the billing experience and overcome the common challenges facing utility call centers today
- Empowering reps with personalized insights to have faster and more satisfying conversations with customers