Retailer Webcast: How Maui and Sons Rode the Oracle Wave to Operational Agility

This Webcast has been canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience

Join our upcoming webcast as retailer Maui and Sons Chile describes how they scaled operations, and can now easily add new sales channels with the Oracle Retail Merchandising solution.

After 40 years of success, and now with 10,000 size and color assortments per season, Maui and Sons decided it was time to ride a new wave to effectively document, automate and organize processes.

This new operational wave helped Maui and Sons gain deep insights into its merchandising, to better serve its mission of selling high-valued brands for young lifestyle consumers across in-store and online channels.

Top Improvements Discussed Include:
  • Surpassed obstacles to scale operations
  • Enhanced connections with supplier, inventory, and stores
  • Ability to quickly add new sales channels
  • More efficiently run a complex supply chain for product design and 100+ worldwide suppliers

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Featured Maui and Sons Speakers

Felipe Guerrero
Felipe Guerrero
Chief Information Officer
Javier Swinburn
Javier Swinburn
Chief Project Officer