Pivot to Customer Expands Retail CMO Role and KPIs

Evolution of Retail CMO Guidebook

As retailers pivot to putting the customer at the center of their universe and aim to develop individualized connections, amplify customer advocates and turn loyalists into evangelists, the modern retail CMO’s role is stretched across the entire business.

Learn how the KPIs are evolving — from Customer Acquisition Cost to Customer Engagement Score — and bring clarity to the chaos.

The Retail CMO has More Responsibility — and More Power — than Ever Before

Now overseeing business functions spanning commerce, customer care, and even logistics, it’s only natural the role is no longer defined solely as Chief Marketing Officer.

  • Chief Digital Officer: Call me when social commerce and multichannel marketing blur departmental lines beyond repair.
  • Chief Customer Officer: Call me when an unsatisfied customer takes a shipping complaint to social media, as all your followers watch.
  • Chief Data Officer: Call me when you need to put departmental and channel loyalties aside and take a cold, hard look at the numbers.

Raising the Customer Engagement Bar

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The Right Offers at the Right Time

Learn why putting the customer at the center of your retail business is more important than ever.

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Better Segmentation of Customer Data

See how Perry Ellis International gained a holistic view of customer shopping behavior with a CRM built for retail.

Oracle for Retail.