Get Ready for an Autonomous Data-Driven Future

9 July 2019
10:30 AM CEST/ 9:30 AM UK Time

People analytics is a hot topic, with 84% of surveyed executives seeing it as a key business priority. 

According to Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP’s study of people analytics, organizations with the best people analytics functions see 96 % higher revenue over a three-year period, compared to their less effective peers.

But only 2% of HR organizations have a mature people analytics capability. This HR analytics trend indicates there’s a first-mover advantage available to forward-thinking HR leaders.

Getting to this state requires various different factors, including data governance, analytical capabilities, a data-savvy workforce, scalable delivery of insights, alignment with the business,
and an overall data culture. But on top of all those factors, organizations need the right tools and technologies to make it all happen.

Join this webcast to learn how the Oracle Cloud can help you become data-driven in HR with Oracle Analytics and the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse:
  • Common characteristics of mature people analytics organizations
  • A roadmap to success in your people analytics journey
  • The key Oracle Cloud Services to help you get there
  • Predictive People Analytics
  • People Analytics Use Cases around Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Talent Retention