Customer Experiences with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse versus Amazon

Pique Solutions researched two cloud data warehouse services―Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Amazon

September 25, 2019
10:00 a.m. PT / 
1:00 p.m. ET

With the promise of cloud services being cost-effective services based on need, having low operational costs, and featuring the ability to scale up or even down, cloud data warehouse services are attractive to many customers. However, not all cloud data warehouse services are created equal. Pique Solutions’ research found that Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse fulfills this promise far better than Amazon.

While Amazon has experienced early adoption, according to customers this first-generation data warehouse service has not evolved significantly in terms of its key performance, manageability, and automation features.

Join this webcast and hear about the key differences this research identified based on customer experiences with the two services and how Oracle:
  • Surpassed Amazon with the release of Autonomous Data Warehouse and provides a compelling value for customers of all sizes
  • Offers lower cost, higher performance, and the reduction of management and operational costs
  • Combines better service architecture, automation, and machine-learning capabilities to deliver superior value to customers