October 08, 2019
9:30 UK Time / 10:30 CET

Over the past five years, Oracle has partnered with the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants to understand how the operating model for modern finance is changing in response to digital disruption.
A resulting survey and report, Agile Finance Unleashed: The Key Traits of Digital Finance Leaders, examines the link between digital finance and market success, and has uncovered three key pillars of agile finance.
One of these pillars is digital intelligence. With greater access to more data than ever before, digital finance leaders enable the use of financial and non-financial data to help the wider organization anticipate a disrupted digital future, by delivering sophisticated, data-driven intelligence to determine the strategic upside and risks of digital opportunities.

Join this webcast to learn more about digital intelligence, and how the latest innovations in autonomous data management and analytics at Oracle can help finance become a true co-pilot to the business:
  • Operate strategically, and increase influence with intelligence-based predictions 
  • Map out the technologies, skills and capabilities required for a digital, data-driven world
  • Successfully apply data analytics and artificial intelligence to a range of financial reporting
  • Explore data-driven finance customer success stories
  • Learn about key Oracle cloud services that empower finance teams in a data-driven world