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Questions from the Chatbox:

Q1. Is this product available?

Yes, it is available now. Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud is a part of the Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management family, and it translates long-term corporate strategy into execution plans by ensuring that the strategy is supported by the right workforce — the right skill sets and headcount at the right time.

If interested in a more detailed demonstration tailored for your business needs, contact your Oracle representative.

Q2. What is included in it?

This is an HR application built with Finance in mind, meaning that the product is intended to bring value for both teams. You can look at long-term demand for resources by exploring scenarios that impact those demands. You can also look at what’s going to happen with your current workforce, for example, through retirement or natural attrition. Evaluating demand against supply helps you understand what gaps there may be — positive or negative — so that you can proactively plan for needed resources. You can anticipate the headcount and skills needed to support your business strategy.

The functionalities cover HR needs like Skills assessment, Demand Planning, Supply Planning and Gap Closing, but also finance tasks like Reporting Cubes, Calculations Manager, Data Management and of course Financial reports.