The Modern Retailer’s Technology Guide to Individualization

It’s no secret that customers are expecting more from retailers—from increased transparency to improved ordering and delivery options to continuous availability. But perhaps the biggest shift for retailers is moving beyond personalization to individualization.

In this guide, we share insights from Forrester Analyst and Guest Speaker, Brendan Witcher, about the need for a fresh perspective on personalization, how and why it’s evolved and what it looks like for retailers in the future.

Building an Individualization Technology Strategy


Propel Business with Data-led Decisions

Establish the right systems and processes to collect, normalize and analyze data, and derive actionable insights that drive individualized experiences.


Capture the Customer

Make the move to the next practice of individualization with a fresh look at the customer journey—from impression to click, in-store interactions, orders, shipping preferences and of course, the inevitable return.


Drive Online Traffic to In-store Conversions

Maximize the value of your identified customers, and upsell your BOPIS traffic at the point of service with highly targeted offers. 


Cultivate Loyalty by Nailing the Basics

Before considering the concept of “delighting” customers, flawlessly execute against the promises you make regarding inventory availability, delivery and product integrity,