What you need to know about Oracle Autonomous Linux


19 November 2019
09:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

Security and data protection is one of the biggest challenges faced by IT today. Keeping systems up to date and secure involves tasks that are error prone and extremely difficult to manage in large-scale environments.

Join us to learn from Wim Coekaerts, SVP of Operating Systems and Virtualization Engineering at Oracle, about the world's first Autonomous Linux and the benefits it offers customers.

Learn about
  • Automation is driving the cloud
  • Automating common management tasks to greatly reduce complexity and human error
  • Delivering increased security and reducing downtime by self-patching, self-updating, and known exploit detection
  • Freeing up critical IT resources to tackle more strategic initiatives 
  • Full application compatibility
  • How to configure automation in your private clouds 
  • Reducing cost 

Featured Speaker


Wim Coekaerts
Senior Vice President, Operating Systems and Virtualization Engineering