Picking a Good Wine for <$20 with Oracle Autonomous Database, Machine Learning, and Analytics Cloud

Ever want to have an “algorithm in the Cloud” help you pick a good wine for a fair price?

March 4, 2020
10 am PT/1 pm ET

This webcast walks you through the entire process; launching Autonomous Database, uploading data, creating an Oracle Machine Learning notebook, exploring data, building machine learning models, applying the models and most importantly, picking a good bottle of wine!

We’ll even review our machine learning insights and predictions using interactive graphing in Oracle Analytics Cloud and possibly show how to deploy our model into Apps using Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS). So, sit back, grab a glass of fine wine and learn some practical and fun Oracle machine learning Tech Tips.
  • Learn how to get started using the Always Free Oracle Autonomous Database Services and tackle a simple machine learning problem; picking a good, inexpensive bottle of wine.
  • Learn the basic steps of machine learning and the basic features of the Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks.
  • Learn how to the Autonomous Database, Oracle Machine Learning and Oracle Analytics Cloud work together and how to deploy Machine Learning models using REST services.