Integrated Business Planning and Execution (IBPX) is the IBP Evolution- Zero Latency Planning and Execution

Product companies planning and operating manufacturing facilities or managing outsourced manufacturing face an increasing array of challenges related to:
• The global trade shifting landscape.
• Being more flexible in the omni-channel fulfillment environment.
• The continuing challenges of staying cost competitive while maintaining on time in full delivery commitments.

Integrated Business Planning and Execution is a new approach to conventional Business Planning designed to help businesses make better decisions, faster. 

Watch this webcast to learn how customers can achieve and exceed results with integrated planning and execution which seamlessly provides the right materials and financial plans to support decision made at the speed of business. You will also develop an understanding of our concept of Integrated Business Planning and Execution which ties actuals to a variety of plans to support what-if in near real time and how advancements in Machine Learning can be incorporated into demand planning to achieve ever increasing forecast accuracy.

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