It’s Time to Demystify the HCM Cloud

17 January 2020
11:00 AM (GMT)

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about digital HR and human resources moving to the cloud. But, what does this actually mean? Other than being something big white and fluffy, what is the cloud, specifically the HCM Cloud, and why should it be of interest to HR departments and HR leaders?

In this Moving to the Cloud webcast we will start demystifying the HCM Cloud.
  • We’ll explore what living in the cloud means for HR professionals, and the benefits of this to a HR function.
  • We will also share how the HCM cloud enables HR organisations to deliver an improved and engaging digital HR experience.

    The webcast will also feature a use case with a leading HR organisation, explaining their experience of upgrading to the Oracle HCM Cloud and how this has benefited their business.


Introduction and Setup
Demystifying the HCM Cloud  
Use Case – Upgrading to the Cloud and the Benefits
What the Cloud Looks Like