Discover More Best Practices for Managing Public Infrastructure Projects

The complexity of large-scale infrastructure projects creates significant operational and cost challenges, as well as risks that can threaten project success. Fortunately, local governments can dramatically reduce wasted resources and ultimately create better assets by working to improve financial transparency and cross-departmental collaboration.

During this webinar, industry experts share how to:
  • Effectively coordinate and control large projects in various phases
  • Predict and manage risks throughout the project lifecycle
  • Implement a work certification and payment process to protect the project supply chain
  • Improve collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders across projects
  • Successfully transition from a completed asset to operations and maintenance

Featured Speakers

David Clark
David Clark
Program Manager
District of Columbia
Yves Courtois
Yves Courtois
Werner Maritz
Werner Maritz
Director of Industry Strategy
Oracle Construction and Engineering