Capture all the benefits of the cloud now. See how Adlib transformed their cloud infrastructure. 

February 4, 2020
10 AM PT

Adlib combined maximum service uptime and seamless scalability with optimized cost and performance metrics. This allowed customers to efficiently test and deploy AI models, process volumes of unstructured documents and create flexible database options for their Multi-Instance Cloud solutions.  

Join the webinar and we will review:
  • The business impact for Adlib and their customers from 30% performance improvement and
    80% (average) reduced latency while at the same time reducing operational costs by 65%, and much more 
  • How Adlib leveraged Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to protect their business advantage and support their growth strategy by improving operations, fueling innovation and enhancing the user experience
  • How Adlib's data enrichment solution powered
    by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will enable thousands of global customers to discover, access and transform their complex, unstructured documents into high-quality structured data that is primed for process automation, insight, systems, and other digital business initiatives

Featured Speakers

Mike Grainge
Mike Grainge
Vice President Product Engineering
Bob Bocchino
Bob Bocchino
Director, Customer Value, Business Development and Sales Effectiveness for Cloud Infrastructure
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