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The Wizard of ORDs

February 27, 2020
10:00 am PT | 1:00 pm ET

Oracle REST Data Services (sometimes referred to as ORDS) has evolved from just a supporting component of Oracle Application Express to the de facto standard tool for delivering RESTful API services for Oracle Database. This session covers:
  • What Oracle REST Data Services is
  • How to set up Oracle REST Data Services to talk to your database
  • How to use Oracle REST Data Services to get data of all sorts into and out of your database
  • How to create documentation for your APIs
  • How to secure the calls through Oracle REST Data Services

Featured Speaker

Roel Hartman

Roel Hartman
Director, APEX Consulting

Biography: Roel started a long time ago using Oracle RDBMS 5, Oracle Forms 2.3, RPT/RPF and Oracle*Case 4.5. Since over 10 years he focuses mainly on Oracle Application Express. Roel has been a speaker on UKOUG, OOW, Collaborate, ODTUG's Kscope and a number of local Oracle User Groups. Within ODTUG he acted as the APEX Content Lead for the Kscope14 and KScope15 conferences and is a member of the ODTUG Board of Directors. He keeps an (APEX-related) blog on In June 2009 Roel received an Oracle ACE award and in August 2010 he's appointed as Oracle ACE Director. Roel is a co-writer of the "Expert Oracle Application Express" and "Oracle Application Express for Mobile Web Applications" books. Roel is Director at APEX Consulting in The Netherlands.