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The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) are at the forefront of fostering public-private partnerships and implementing new and innovative tools to help CDOT ultimately serve the traveling public to the best of their ability. HPTE is using Oracle Aconex as a document management database on five large-scale construction projects. The database houses all project related documents, tracks correspondence between the project owner and contractors, and notifies project team members about outstanding deadlines. In this presentation, Tony Meneghetti, Major Projects Manager for CDOT’s High Performance Transportation Enterprise, will discuss how CDOT and HPTE:
  • Shortened review times for RFI’s by 20%
  • Improved document searchability by 60%
  • Quickened cross-organization communication by 15%
  • Saved 50-75% of their time responding to Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests

Featured Speakers

Anthony Meneghetti, P.E.

Anthony Meneghetti, P.E.
Major Projects Manager
Colorado High Performance Transportation Enterprise

Biography: Anthony (Tony) Meneghetti is a Professional Engineer with the Colorado High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE). HPTE is an Enterprise within the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) with a statutory mandate to pursue innovative funding opportunities for transportation projects in Colorado.

As the Project Manager for all HPTE funded construction and O & M projects, Tony's projects include: Central 70, C-470 Express Lanes, I-25 North Express Lanes, I-25 South Gap, US 36 Express Lanes, and the Mountain Express Lanes. He has 10 years of experience working as a construction manager for CDOT, and currently serves as a liaison between the construction project teams, the concessionaires and local municipalities.

Before joining the HPTE team, Tony was a Construction Segment Lead on the Central 70 P3 project, the largest construction project in CDOT history. Prior to that, he was the Construction Manager for Phase 2 of the US 36 Express Lanes project, the State of Colorado’s first Design-Build and P3. Tony has had the opportunity to manage a variety of other projects including the 2013 emergency flood repairs on US 34 in the Big Thompson Canyon and emergency landslide mitigation on Cameron Pass in Larimer County. He has a Master’s Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Colorado State University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.