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Introduction to JavaScript for APEX Developers

April 7, 2020
10:00am PT | 1:00pm

For developers that know SQL and PL/SQL, no other framework is as empowering as Oracle Application Express (APEX). But at the end of the day, APEX creates web apps, and it's JavaScript that programs the web. Over the years, JavaScript's role in APEX apps has increased, both for the creators of APEX and the developers using it - a trend that will continue in the years to come.

APEX developers only need to know a little bit of JavaScript to have a significant impact, and that's what this hands-on lab is all about! You'll start by learning some of the basics of JavaScript, then learn how to add JavaScript to APEX apps, and finally, you'll learn to use jQuery to work with the DOM.

Featured Speaker

Dan McGhan

Dan McGhan
Oracle Developer Advocate

Biography: Dan McGhan is an Oracle Developer Advocate with a focus on Oracle Application Express (APEX) and Oracle Database. He suffers from Compulsive Programming Disorder, which is believed to be linked to his balding. Having started his development career in the land of MySQL and PHP, he was only too happy to have stumbled upon APEX. Since then, he’s dedicated his programming efforts to learning more about Oracle and web-based technologies in general. These days he enjoys sharing his passion for JavaScript and Oracle with others.