Join Zebra Technologies and Oracle to learn how to get better business results using commerce and CPQ together.

The nature of selling has changed. Ever-changing market shifts, buyer expectations and evolving business models are driving organizations to reinvent the way they sell – especially when it comes to selling online. Watch this webcast in under 30 minutes to learn how Zebra Technologies is:
  • Transforming digital selling experiences with Oracle CX Commerce and CPQ
  • Increasing customer engagement on their new online site by almost 20%
  • Layering in complex processes like dynamic product configuration, real-time quoting, account-based pricing, contracts, and selling workflows
  • Exploring new ways to build recurring relationships with customer through subscriptions

Featured Speakers

Livingston Jebakar
Director of IT, Zebra Technologies
Livingston works in the IT department at Zebra Technologies and is responsible for architecting and delivering solutions on platforms that support Zebra's customer facing and front office applications.
Katrina Gosek

Katrina Gosek
VP Product Strategy, Oracle CX

Katrina is VP of Product Strategy for all of Oracle CX's buying and selling solutions: CX Sales, Commerce, CPQ, Subscriptions, and Content.