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ChromoReport Winter 2019

Proactive Planning with Predictive Analytics

Study startup is a journey, and as with any journey, there are many ways to approach it. The first question is, how are you going to navigate? Fifteen years ago, you may have had no choice but to rely on paper-based maps and transcribed directions, which might have turned out to be obsolete or erroneous. But now, you have web-based maps that are always up-to-date and supplemented with satellite images and crowd-sourced, real-time information. What if you had this kind of navigation for study startup?

Determining the start-to-finish (guided directions), optimal route and estimated arrival time is dependent on utilizing a framework that not only guides sponsors and CROs to compliance using workflows consistent with organizational standards and country-specific regulations, but also provides advanced predictive analytics by leveraging machine-learning capabilities to guide clinical research staff in their daily activities.