Register for Oracle Tech Classroom: Initiation to Containers for Database Pros

Initiation to Containers for Database Pros

May 28, 2020
10 a.m. PT | 1 p.m. ET

Containers have been embraced by the developer community, but acceptance and adoption by DBAs is more… tepid. That’s understandable–why would anyone want a database that’s stateless and immutable?! Speaker, Sean Scott, started using Docker under duress and had no idea what he was doing! Since then, he's learned that Docker elegantly addresses many situations faced by DBAs, including:

• Rapidly provisioning test and development environments
• Interacting with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure databases (including ATP & ADW)
• Preparing environments for performance testing
• Building Gold images
• Exploring new technologies and features
• Discovering and confirming bugs
• Preparing for certification exams

This session is a crash course in Docker covering the terminology, concepts, skills, and practical examples needed to begin using containers to support databases.

Featured Speaker

Sean Scott

Sean Scott
Principal Consultant and Oracle ACE Associate

Biography: Sean Scott has worked with Oracle technologies as a database reliability engineer, database administrator, architect and developer since 1995. Sean specializes in RAC, database migrations and upgrades, database reliability and resilience, replication and performance tuning. He contributes to the Oracle community as a regular presenter at conferences, spent many years as vice president of the San Diego Oracle Users Group and currently serves on the board of the Real Applications Special Interest Group and the Collaborate/IOUG Database and Technology Committee. He enjoys helping database administrators understand and embrace emerging technologies like Docker and containers, virtualization, automation, Cloud computing and distributed systems. Sean blogs at All Viscosity team blogs can be found at