Motorola empowers first responders with Oracle CX

Join a live webinar with Motorola to hear how they rely on Oracle to provide mission critical support to first responders

June 25, 2020
9 a.m. PT

Join Motorola’s Senior Vice President and General Manager Andrew Sinclair for an insider’s view on how the company is empowering first responders with critical intelligence while innovating for growth with a customer-centric focus.

During the live webinar you will interact directly with Andrew about what he's learned, successes achieved, and what's still left to conquer. 

Motorola moved from a product-based business to a services and software business using Oracle CX to: 

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  • Shorten time to market by replacing a 30-year-old custom commerce platform with modern solution for both B2B and B2C commerce
  • Accelerate sales by reducing quote cycle time
  • Drive targeted B2B marketing campaigns
  • Innovate user experience as they bring new products and services to market
  • Use subscription management in the future to grow new revenue streams for products and services

Engage directly with Motorola Solutions executive

Andrew Sinclair
Andrew Sinclair
Senior Vice President & General Manager
Motorola Solutions