Oracle Database 19c Upgrade Virtual Classroom Series

Oracle Database 19c Upgrade Virtual Classroom Series: Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c using AutoUpgrade


25 June 2020 
10.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. (BST)
11.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. (CEST)

Oracle Database 19c is a milestone in Oracle’s transition to a more agile release strategy. As the first Long Term Support release, Oracle 19c is ‘the’ release to upgrade your databases to leverage the latest features and get the most out of premier and extended support.

This interactive 90 minute session, we will cover the AutoUpgrade tool. AutoUpgrade, as the name implies, enables Administrators to automatically upgrade one, or many databases in a repeatable and controllable manner. You will be guided through how to build a control file – and then showed how to kick off the upgrade process.

Facilitators will also share AutoUpgrade tips and tricks, alternative upgrade methods and most importantly, fallback & failure planning. As with any major technology upgrade, a fallback plan is a vital and reduces risk.
Finally, we will talk about customers successfully using the AutoUpgrade tool today to automate their move to Oracle 19c regardless of the platform – On-Prem, Exadata, Oracle Cloud and anywhere in between. 

Topics that will be covered during this session:
  • Discover the power of the new AutoUpgrade tool
  • Database Upgrade Tips and Tricks
  • What if something goes wrong?
  •  AutoUpgrade in action (demonstration)

Oracle Database 19c Upgrade Virtual Classroom Series

Held across four sessions, this complimentary virtual classroom series will cover best practices from the Oracle Database Upgrade Team.

Featured Speakers

Roy Swonger

Roy Swonger
VP Development/Product, Database Upgrades and Utilities, Oracle North America

Biography: Roy Swonger has over three decades of experience in commercial software development. His 20+-years at Oracle has included work on software process, quality improvement as well as management roles in technical documentation, software development tools, and core database technologies. Roy has managed the Database Upgrade & Utilities in the Server Technologies division for more than 15 years, responsible for the development of database features. Additionally, Roy runs the global Upgrade Program for the database.

Mike Dietrich

Mike Dietrich
Master Product Manager, Database Upgrades and Utilities, Oracle Germany

Biography: Master Product Manager for Oracle Database Upgrade and Migrations, patching specialist, working for Oracle for far over 20 years. Interlink between customers/partners and the Oracle Upgrade Development. Holding technical workshops between Arctic and Antarctica. Assisting customers in their reference projects onsite and remotely worldwide. Troubleshooting upgrade and migration issues. Eager to learn something new every day. Experienced conference speaker. Music lover. LP/vinyl enthusiast. Mountain hiker. Runner.