JASCI leverages technology to meet the 24/7 demands of ecommerce.

Learn How JASCI Software Optimizes Inventory for 100x Improved Performance with Oracle

June 11, 2020
9 a.m. PT

JASCI Software is a leader in cloud supply chain and their customers operate in an industry where profit margins are razor thin. To meet the demands of generating speedy, reliable, and secure order fulfillment, JASCI turned to Oracle's Autonomous Database. 

During the live webinar you can interact directly with JASCI’s CEO, Craig Wilensky, as he shares what he’s learned, successes achieved, and innovations on the horizon.

With the world’s first self-driving database, JASCI’s enterprise customers are able to:

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  • Complete complex AI decision-making in milliseconds
  • Process twice as many orders at half the labor costs
  • Compete successfully in the age of next-day shipping

Connect live with technology experts

Craig Wilensky
Craig Wilensky
CEO and Co-Founder
JACSI Software
Steve Daheb
Steve Daheb
Senior Vice President