Java: Positioned for Modern Application Development

June 25, 2020
11:00 a.m. PT

In March 2018, a new 6-month release cadence was launched with Java 10. In June 2018, the Oracle Java SE Subscription was introduced as the new, simplified low-cost, full coverage means for enterprise Java users to safeguard their Java ecosystems, with license and support from Oracle. Four releases later – delivered on schedule – today we are on Java 14.

Developers and enterprises are now enjoying the benefits of this release cadence, and two years of proof points and examples show that this was the right direction.

Attend this session to learn the facts that have transpired in the meantime. We will answer questions such as:
  • How the ecosystem has shifted to the new release cadence
  • How the rate of innovation to the platform has been impacted
  • How Java is more free and easier to use than ever
  • What new commercial options exist for support and maintenance