Webinar Episode 5: How Customer Experience Personalization at scale will ensure you thrive and survive in the New Normal


26 January 2021
11:00 AM (GMT Time)

How to find the right balance between hyper personalization and privacy to build brand affinity, trust and advocacy to deliver bottom line growth. 

Effectively engaging new and existing customers with channel proliferation, increasing daily advertising noise, reduced attention spans of an ever more informed, data aware, social and mobile customers was hard enough for modern marketers like you before the world turned upside down.

Now in the "New Normal" you have to deliver on two fronts. First the tenets of the Experience Economy; precise timing, precise targeting and emotional connection. Second the "New Normal" rules of engagement; empathy, digital convenience and acting responsibly.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:
  • Deliver a consistent experience online and offline
  • Develop a personalized mobile experience 
  • Deliver real-time personalization at scale

Expert Speaker

Andy Fisher

Andy Fisher, FIDM
Marketing Strategy Director at Oracle

Biography: Andy has had a passion for marketing since majoring in marketing at Warwick University Business School. From those early days he has held a number of senior marketing, strategic planning and enterprise account development roles in a variety of industries including travel and transportation, financial services, telecommunications, utilities, media, entertainment and retail. In addition to his industry experience Andy has also benefitted from exposure to solving different customer experience issues using market leading data management, analytics, optimization, MarTech and AdTech capabilities from companies such as Teradata, SAS Analytics, Eloqua and for the last 6 years Oracle.