Webinar Episode 6: The MarTech stack of tomorrow that can save us today with guest speaker Simon Haines, Director of Customer Knowledge at Mazda Europe

23 February 2021
11 AM (GMT Time)

If your MarTech stack wasn't broken and bleeding money before, it will be now.

Before our world was turned on its head we were maybe sleepwalking through just how badly our fragmented and overlapping MarTech ecosystems were draining our business of cash. If we hadn't already we are certainly waking up to that reality now.

With more pressure than ever to drive down costs, create efficiencies yet still deliver marketing growth targets we discuss just how you can achieve that at pace, with future proofing in mind.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:
  • Identify gaps, redundant technology and overlaps that are draining costs from your business
  • Drive growth while cutting costs in your MarTech investment
  • Adapt your stack faster and build resilience to future disruption

Expert Speakers

Clement Jacquemin
Clement Jacquemin
Experience Director at Oracle
Biography: Clement Jacquemin has been working in the digital marketing industry for over 10 years and 4 years at Oracle.
He is an Experience Director within Oracle CX Marketing working with major brands across Europe leading them to achieve marketing excellence through leveraging design thinking techniques and emerging technologies combined with the power of the Oracle Cloud.

Simon Haines
Simon Haines
Director of Customer Knowledge at Mazda Europe
Biography: Simon Haines is a relative newcomer to the digital marketing industry, but uses his automotive business knowledge to drive Mazda’s transformation of its digital marketing operations.
He is Director of Customer Knowledge at Mazda Europe and has been busy implementing new marketing technologies, many from Oracle and stimulating the associated business change.

Abdul Hamid Ebrahim
Abdul Hamid Ebrahim
Director, CX Transformation Services, Oracle Consulting
Biography: Abdul is a customer experience and digital transformation leader with over seventeen years of experience across multiple sectors including telecommunications, automotive, retail, financial services, technology and business information.
As Director, CX Transformation Services at Oracle, Abdul leads a team of seasoned Transformation Consultants engaging with enterprise customers of Oracle Customer Experience (CX) across marketing, commerce, service and sales.
Abdul has spoken at numerous industry events and is a regular blog contributor, sharing his experience of working with over two hundred brands from start-ups to Fortune/FTSE 100 companies.