Webinar Episode 6: The MarTech stack of tomorrow that can save us today 

23 February 2021
11 AM (GMT Time)

If your MarTech stack wasn't broken and bleeding money before, it will be now.

Before our world was turned on its head we were maybe sleepwalking through just how badly our fragmented and overlapping MarTech ecosystems were draining our business of cash. If we hadn't already we are certainly waking up to that reality now.

With more pressure than ever to drive down costs, create efficiencies yet still deliver marketing growth targets we discuss just how you can achieve that at pace, with future proofing in mind.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:
  • Identify gaps, redundant technology and overlaps that are draining costs from your business
  • Drive growth while cutting costs in your MarTech investment
  • Adapt your stack faster and build resilience to future disruption

Expert Speaker

Ryan Forrest

Ryan Forrest
Principal Solutions Consultant

Biography: Having hung up his drumsticks after 25 years as a touring drummer, Ryan has spent the last 11 years helping global enterprises drive digital transformational growth. Former agency owner and practicing marketer at heart, Ryan’s sweet spot has been helping marketers take charge amid the explosion of technology and changing customer expectations. To develop an ecosystem that is fit for the modern marketer, drives business acceleration and delights customers in the age of the experience economy.