Join our live Webinar: The New Normal – the end of Globalization?

27 August 2020
11:00 CET

When the world comes to a complete stop is when the workforce does not come to work. Global productions and assembly lines are stopped like everything else. The stop in the economic machinery is putting all companies to the ultimate test. How well are they adapted for rapid change in the economic environment?

Globalization has now been questioned on board levels. Will it be a decline in globalization or is this the end of it? How can efficiency still be managed and at the same time reduce risk?

We have put together a panel of experts to discuss these questions that we find very fascinating.

Join us on together with:
  • Kjell A Nordström, International Business Professor
  • Luisella Giani, Industry Manufacturing expert
  • Dr. Roger Lindau, Oracle's Supply Chain expert and moderator

Featured Speakers

Kjell A Nordström

Kjell A Nordström
Professor, Author, Adviser

Biography: Dr.Kjell A. Nordström is the enfant terrible of the new world of business. He talks to audiences all over the world, he writes books and articles and reads - everything from Architectural Digest to Pinter. His performances are high touch, dynamic, highly interactive, thought provoking and always in line with time. The 2011 Thinksters 50, the ranking of management thinkers, ranked him at number 5 in Europe and among the top 50 in the world and he is one of the few who has been ranked among the 50 for 11 consecutive years. His dynamic style makes him a highly appreciated speaker through out the world.

Luisella Giani

Luisella Giani
EMEA Industry Strategy Director

Biography: 15 years experience in digital strategy, operations and product development. Following a degree in Artificial Intelligence, I've started my career as Product Manager with iconic brands of the digital age, such as Skype, Netlog and Lycos. More recently I've been helping global businesses, such as Yellow Pages, Goodyear-Dunlop and DuPont Coating, with their digital transformations.